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robert p. d'ambrosio

92 lakeshore  drive

eastchester, new york  10709


office:  (914) 337-5244

  home:  (914) 779-1984
cell:  (914) 774-7100



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good health
businessman, scientist, consultant, teacher, writer





botany certificate, n.y. botanical garden, 1966       

advanced botany i, n.y.b.g., 1967

advanced botany ii, n.y.b.g., 1968

paleobotany, n.y.b.g., 1968

bonsai, n.y.b.g., 1968

artificial light gardening, n.y.b.g., 1971

applied ecology, n.y.b.g., 1972

pest control operation, c.u.n.y., 1973

advanced pest control, c.u.n.y., 1974

ethnobotany, n.y.b.g., 1975

continuing education (courses and lectures)

plant pathology (10 years, dr. p.p. pirone, mentor)




work experience:

1956-59 summers only - d & c  landscaping (fathers business)              

1959-61 - u.s. cost guard

1962 - landscape superintendent, lawrence labriola, inc., scarsdale, n.y.

1963 to present - owner of ambrose tree care, eastchester, n.y.

1972-1975 - president, tko  exterminating, inc., eastchester,    n.y.

1972-1986- teacher and coordinator of arboriculture, n.y. botanical garden, bronx, n. y.

1974 to present -  founder and director of ambrose laboratories, ltd.

1982 - founder - trees rights for an equal existence society (trees)

1982 - architect and author - "tree causality and evaluation report" (an internationally accepted system for placing a value on the worth of a tree using specially designed forms and data banking)

designing & installing natural landscapes.


expert testimonials




teaching experience: 

horticultural society of n. y.
coordinator of arboriculture, n. y. botanical garden
university of the virgin islands
lecturing for civic organizations, public schools and garden clubs

lecturing for professional organizations, national & international




membership organizations:

n.y. botanical garden (staff)
american society of landscape architects
american phytopathological society
international society of arboriculture ( a wards committee)
agricultural institute of canada
american fern society
american littoral society
american forestry association
n. y. mycological society
torrey botanical club (field trip leader, director)
society of commerical arboriculture
mayor's voluntary action center of n. y.c.
national consultant network
u.s.d.a. plant pathology, specialist
new york state arborist association




active interests:

botanical photography
underwater photography
noise pollution
poisonous plants
cultivation of wildflowers
bronze castings of botanically accurate mushrooms
water color painting
palm frond and pine needle weaving




published papers:

establishing basic tree values (1984 arbor age).

a wilt disease of anemone coronaria hort. caused by colletotrichum gloeosporioides with pseudomonas. as a synergist. ( 1987 am. phytopath. )


crown density and it's correlation to girdling root syndrome (1990 jour. arb. 16(6).


tuckahoe is a mushroom.  1979


various publications including the web.




  • a national campaign for the issuance of a commemorative stamp for arboriculture (initiated in 1987).

  • development of new procedures for determining the amount of humic content in soils.

  • the process that initiates the ascend of sap in trees in the spring.

  • authoring a children's book on trees.

  • tree wound response to various sheet metal dressings.




life's objective:
"to leave behind an enrichment

for the betterment of mankind"






steven krog, landscape architect
65 pondfield road
bronxville, n. y. 10708



dr. p.p. pirone (senior plant pathologist, emeritus)
n. y. botanical garden
bronx,ny 10458


art klienman

sit design resources

new york, n. y.



micheal calano, esq.

173 fisher ave.

eastchester, ny 10709



client list:

ibm, pepsico, general electric, union carbide, rockefeller center, central park, city of new york, pse&g, federal reserve bank of new york,villages of bronxville,tuckahoe and larchmont, manhattan plaza, tishman corp. n.b.c., 50 water street, playtex, beth israel hospital, samson management.




"we're physicians not morticians"

robert d'ambrosio, plant pathologist  
92 lakeshore dr.  
eastchester,  ny  10709

(914) 337-5244  

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