bob d'ambrosio is an arborist par excellence"

--- dr p. p. pirone, renowned author, plant pathologist, n.y. botanical garden.


"i, along with every dogwood, sassafras, oak and birch in my garden, thank bob d'ambrosio for his wonderful care.  first things first: he values the life of every tree, unlike many of the so-called "tree experts", who simply look up at the ailing branches, and tell the customer to take it down.  working with bob was the first time i could see in action the sort of attention a tree might need to thrive.  further, he has a natural gift as a teacher, and i can't begin to tell how much i have learned, and not only  about trees and their care, but about many of the tiny things growing at the feet of trees.  i always appreciated the effort he made to explain things to me, in plain and direct language, so that i wasn't in the dark about what he was doing and why.  and that brings me to his incredible team of climbing artists.  they are amazing to watch, so agile, and so careful and clean with their surgery.  none of those hideous amputated limbs, so common in bad tree pruning, left behind.  he understood and respected my anxiety about pruning my large oak, and indeed, as he promised, i couldn't even tell he had been there.  the tree simply and beautifully looked freshened up.  working with bob was such a wonderful experience that i turned him into one of the heroes of my next book, paths of desire: the passions of a suburban gardner, which will come out in march 2004.  i cannot begin to thank bob for everything he so generously shares; his enthusiasm and boundless optimism are contagious, and his knowledge and expertise are priceless."

--- dominique browning, editor-in- chief, house and garden


"for many years bob d'ambrosio's expert advice has been an invaluable tool in solving many of our more difficult tree related problems."

--- james elefante, president, nielson elefante nurseries, inc., lincoln park, nj


"my 30 years of experience in dealing with tree professionals have taught me that bob d'ambrosio is unmatched in his vast knowledge of every aspect of the life of trees: how to care for them properly, how to prune them, and how to identify and treat their diseases. because of his lifelong, scientific studies, i believe he understands more about trees than all of the rest of the professionals put together."

--- mrs. julie johnson kidd, president & ceo, christian a. johnson endeavor foundation


"i will always think of bob as the tree expert. i will never forget how he was able to identify the type of tree involved in a bus accident, as a sugar maple.  his identification was based on a three year old blurry polaroid of a branch from a dead tree.  by examining the stump of a removed tree he was able to connect the branch with that stump."

--- michael  a calano,  calano & calano, llp, new york, n. y.


"i have known bob d'ambrosio for over 10 years.  i have sold products to his company during that time and i have met bob at meetings of the local arborist's association, the westchester county tree protective association.

bob is a knowledgeable tree care professional.  he is college educated and well versed in identifying insects and diseases that affect trees and shrubs.  in addition to his qualifications, he is a caring individual and is dedicated to understanding the needs of his customers.

he and i have spoken about a number of tree related issues over the years and i am impressed by his thorough understanding of plant pathology and the many environmental issues that may affect them.  if someone asked me to refer them to a plant specialist to assist them with a problem, bob would be on a very short list of truly trustworthy and honorable individuals that i would recommend without hesitation."

--- barry eldridge, president  & ceo, environmental chemical co., inc.


"whenever we have a problem with any of our plantings, we call bob d'ambrosio, known in our household as "dr. bob."  he is without a doubt, the best you can get.  throughout the years we have had many so-called tree surgeons servicing our properties.  it wasn't until we found dr. bob were we able to understand and therefore prevent the many problems of trees and shrubs.  anytime you have someone who is a practitioner and researcher, you know you have the best."

--- arnold and arlene goldstein, harrison, n. y.


for the past 15 years or so, bob d'ambrosio has been diagnosing plant and tree diseases, pests and cultural problems for me. he has been able to identify and correct a lot of trouble spots for my customers and my own nursery.  this still proves to be a valuable means to ensure the healthy preservation of my customers' landscapes.  i will always look forward to working with bob.

--- leonard pouder, president, lieb,s nursery and garden center, new rochelle, n. y.


"when i moved to westchester county, new york in 1952, two  fears about my hilltop house worried me: lightning and dead limbs on  seven tall  trees which overhung my house, mature oaks and shagbark hickories.  after dealing a few years with unsatisfactory tree maintenance companies, bob d'ambrosio came along.  at that time, he was the main climber.what a skilled expert, in ambrose tree care.  we both loved old trees.  he and his men fine pruned my 25 mature old over the years in a series of triumphs.  here are three: they installed a sturdy lightning arrestor on the tallest oak and over decades extended the standoffs from the girth that was expanding (like my own). they cabled many branches with weak crouches.  they supported and saved an old tree wisteria that fell to the ground.  once i proudly told a friend that i had ambrose's men here every year.  she explained, "you have that many dead trees?"   no, i explained, i have 25 old well-cared-for trees, thanks to dr. bob."

--- gordon blackwell, tuckahoe n. y.


bob d'ambrosio has been my "tree expert of choice" for more that 15 years. his expertise, professionalism and attention to details are unexcelled.  whenever my projects require specialized tree care, i rely with confidence on bob d'ambrosio.

---- steven krog, landscape architect, bronxville, n. y




"we're physicians not morticians"


robert d'ambrosio, plant pathologist  
235 main street  
eastchester,  ny  10709  

(914) 337-5244  

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